Bayonetta Book Opens Wide

The pistol-heel-wearing heroine of self-titled action game Bayonetta is getting an art book. It's on sale! Let's have a look.

Titled The Eyes of Bayonetta, the book is a collection of designs, illustrations and artwork the developers created while working on the game. The weapons vary from weapons to costumes. Some of the illustrations are suggestive. Then again, some of the game is, too.

Not to be confused with the Bayonetta pin-up book, The Eyes of Bayonetta also comes with a documentary DVD in which the staff talk about creating the witch.

お蔵入りとなったエロイ抱き枕イラストも掲載!「ベヨネッタ設定資料集 THE EYES OF BAYONETTA」発売! [Moeyo]


    Can we get high re sof the last 2 images please?

      Share it to me when you get one.

    any idea if this will be on sale in Australia? The text in the images are in Japanese

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