Big Patch Accompanies NCAA 11's Arrival Tomorrow

Not many people game completely offline, but you'll want to be connected if you're bringing home NCAA Football 11 tomorrow. It gets a a day-of-release patch that fixes and tunes a ton of features.

I can confirm this is already present; EA Sports put it on the server last Wednesday. The patch not only corrects some issues and rebalances gameplay, it also took into account community feedback off the demo. So, yay for demos, that's why you download and play.

Here's the list of major fixes:

• Fixed an exploit where the QB could walk through the defence when the ball is snapped, with a guaranteed a gain of over 50 yards.

• Tuned QB fumbling on scrambles, resolving an issue where the QB would fumble every time if hit past the line of scrimmage.

• Improved deep zone coverage assignments, making it significantly more difficult to be beaten by the deep ball. In particular, deep zones have been improved against Streak routes.

• Tuned QB throwing out of a sack. Previously, it was too easy for a QB to throw the ball while being tackled; this has been toned down to be more accurate.

• Resolved an error with pursuit angles, which resulted in defenders over pursuing the ball carrier every play. The angle was fixed to be slightly more aggressive, creating a more accurate pursuit.

• Tuned the read and react assignment for linebackers, especially outside linebackers, before the handoff. This will make it more difficult to run the ball outside the Tackles.

• Fixed an issue with the CPU ball carrier being stuck in a forward lean animation. Also lowered the frequency of CPU ball carriers leaning.

• Resolved an issue where AI players in man coverage assignment would swerve when covering particular vertical routes, causing them to be beat repeatedly.

• Ball carriers will no longer go into a tightrope assignment when running along the sideline. This was causing the player's speed to decrease to 70%.

• Resolved an issue that was causing tackles to not matchup in online games, potentially causing a crash in online games.

• Footsliding will no longer occur when the ball carrier has the ball in their left hand.

• Tuned CPU screen passes so they will get rid of the ball faster, resulting in less sacks.

• Resolved a crash that occurred if connection is lost before entering a game mode.


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