'Big Thrills' Coming To Trials HD After November

Forty more white-knuckle, teeth-gnashing tracks are on the way for Trials HD in an expansion pack, due for release sometime after mid-November, titled "Big Thrills". Ten more user-created tracks, chosen by contest, will be also part of the download.

RedLynx, announcing the expansion yesterday, said the 10 user-created tracks will be fully credited in the game, and their creators will receive cash or prizes for being chosen. A $US5000 prize will go to the first place winner, $US1000 to the third place, with fourth-through 10th place getting a Trials HD sweatshirt and flag (which the first three winners also will receive).

Full details on eligibility and how to enter a created level are available through the site BigThrillsContest.com. The submission deadline is August 18 and winners will be announced on November 15, giving you an idea of when the expansion will be available.


    grrrr things like this are making it harder and harder for me to choose what i want between this, Deathspank and Shadow complex...

    Although i'm downloading Demo's of all of them tonight so i'll make a judgement based on that :D haha

      Why delay the obvious choice. people still playing it 11 months after release but more importantly still showing up on major nelsons live activity top 20 even as an arcade game. Over 1,000,000 players and I personally have put in more hours than it took to get 1550 gamerscore on fallout 3. In fact I would not be surprised to find I have put in 200 to 300 hours in this $20 game.

      Seriously mate ths is the game for you.

      What FS said! Even if you grab it for $10us on steam (2nd edition) you'll still have bags of fun and frustration and SATISFACTION when you nail a tricky course. CMON, give it a go, its my late b'day present to you. Just you have to pay for it :D Speaking of which, I turn 33 today!! hooray for ageing!

      Shadow Complex is great. I got a lot of play out of it. I advise trying to do a play through on normal, then hard, then a minimum item run on normal or hard. You'll have a lot of fun and get your moneys worth.
      I've only played the demo for DeathSpank. Fun game but the main character's dialogue was a bit annoying. I think I'd enjoy the full game but can't tell for sure.
      I had heaps of fun with Trials HD. The do a good job of progressing from very easy to very hard so no matter how good/bad you are at the game or how much of a challenge you enjoy your bound to find your sweet spot.

      While I did enjoy Trials and played it more then SC it was only mild fun, however I had a lot more fun on shadow complex, played it about 20 times through and I still enjoy it today. So the real question is do you want a game that will last you ages and ages (trials) or do you want a more fun (sorry that is not very good english) but shorter game (SC). And I have never heard of death spank. . . Personally I would get both Trials and SC as they are two of the best arcade games on the 360!

    Great game, any excuse to play it more is a good one :)

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