Blizzard Scraps Plans To Display Real Names In Forums

Following an overwhelmingly negative response from fans, Blizzard has decided not to implement the planned forum changes that would require players to post using their real names.

In a post by Blizzard staffer Nethaera, who was responsible for delivering the original news, the controversial changes have been reversed.

I'd like to take some time to speak with all of you regarding our desire to make the Blizzard forums a better place for players to discuss our games. We've been constantly monitoring the feedback you've given us, as well as internally discussing your concerns about the use of real names on our forums. As a result of those discussions, we've decided at this time that real names will not be required for posting on official Blizzard forums.

Blizzard originally revealed its decision on Tuesday, after which the forums exploded with negative fan response. The response spilled out onto the internet at large, with many detractors going to extreme lengths to protest the changes, including posting the personal information of Blizzard staffers on Facebook and personal blogs, including the names and phone numbers of employees' friends and family.

Blizzard will still be going forward with other planned changes to the forums, including comment threading, a voting system that will allow users to downgrade or upgrade comments, and improved search functionality.

The post also notes that the Real ID system used in-game to help players communicate with one another will remain in place, and this decision will not affect plans in that area.

It bears noting that Morhaime's message does say "at this time", which is language echoed in a statement given us by Blizzard PR on the matter. Could the issue rear it's ugly head again? Perhaps, but for now, your identities are safe with Blizzard.

Regarding real names in forums [Blizzard Forums - Thanks Gill!]


    So it's basically only off the books "for now"

    They just need to weild the ban hammer more.

      Aaaaah ye ol perma ban, good times

        only trouble though is if they start throwing down the ban hammer even twice as much as they do now, they will be accused of being dictators.

        blizzard can not win no matter what they do. Blizzard moderators would be putting in 100 time the effort that they currently do and they still wouldnt keep the amount of troll posts down. Just look at the forums over the weekend, they go to shit so quickly it aint funny.

        12million people playing wow and god knows how many people that use

          As a mod of a large internet forum, I'll tell you that the only people who complain about that are the idiots breaking the rules.

    Wish they'd also back down about their silly decision to region lock Aussie stacraft II players.

      I don't think it matters much.

      Lets be honest with how much Rushing goes on in this game it is not enjoyable for the "avarage" gamer. The ones that will buy the game and play it single player will probably try online once or twice - encounter the void ray rush while their still building their base. SC2 will be a great game for those that love the challange and overcoming suchs battles - average ones will just move on.

      Thank god they are no longer pushing Real ID I really didn't want to quit the game but I was already trying to figure out what I would play when I left it.

        Unfortunately, it's that sort of viewpoint that will ultimately result in blizzard not giving a crap. Not enough people down here to care what happens. If you've got friends in the US, Europe or the other parts of Asia, you can't game with em and that annoys me.

    A win for the community.

    Reminds me of politics where evil bills are often defeated the first time, only to reappear with a new label and sneak through on the third or fourth attempt.

      Usually piggybacking off of other bills. You see it all the time in the U.S.

    "Perhaps, but for now, your identities are safe with Blizzard."

    Sorry, but they're not. Blizzard has broken the trust. There's no going back for me, unfortunately.

    I don't see why everyone's so worked up about it, blizzard forums are like Mos Eisley, there is no real reason to go and post there anyway.

    ahhhhh, all that nerd rage takes me back to when I'd get abused for using the wrong healing spell in an instance. Blizzards short sightedness might of actually been a good move if it prodded people into quitting, some of these losers, err PEOPLE need to spend some time in their real life once and a while.

      Sadly it's true.

      Blizzard forums are a cesspool that spawns trolls. In all honesty they could shut them down completely and it wouldn't be a big loss for the internet or even the community. People don't go to Blizzard forums for information or discussion, they go there to compete in epenis contests, post lolcats and ASCI garbage and troll people.

      Honestly, having people known by their names (or the fake ones they used when signing up - harsh dude) isn't going to stop anything. Blizzard forums are a cesspool and always will be.

      The article is wrong btw. It says your information is safe for now. If at any point in the future the company considers they will reveal information you gave them, at no point after giving your information to them was it safe. If you want your information kept private, don't give it to Blizzard.

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