Blood Gulch Returns In Halo: Reach

It's Bungie Day, and the developer celebrates with a new video featuring Rooster Teeth's Red Vs Blue crew coming home to a new and improved Halo: Reach version of the Blood Gulch map.

The Rooster Teeth boys are in fine form as they help Bungie celebrate the seventh day of the seventh month, also known as Bungie Day. The never-ending conflict between the red team and the blue team returns to a Blood Gulch that's bigger and better than ever before.

All the key elements are in place. You've got your teleporters, your caves and your new-and-improved chupathingies. It's so epic that even a holographic duplicate of Simmons can't put a damper on this unexpected homecoming.

Happy Bungie Day, Halo fans! Hope you enjoy the new digs!

Bungie Day "Deja View" [Bungie.Net - Thanks Krish!]


    I was always pissed that Halo 3 never had Blood Gultch. This is great news.

    And now... to wait for an entire new season based on that...

    Oh my, that was awesome. Way to turn your fans into drooling hunks of flesh.

    The little teases were great too. Getting very, very excited about Reach.

    Oh god, I creamed watching that. This makes me so happy! This just increases the worth of Halo Reach that much more!

    Valhalla never compared! Welcome back.

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