Bloody Tourists Invade The Dead Rising 2 European Special Edition

If there's one thing Europeans can't stand, it's all the bloody tourists. Capcom plays off this fear with the European special edition of Dead Rising 2, showing off the game's official box art alongside one ravishing ravaged high-roller.

The official box art for Dead Rising 2 covers all the bases. You've got your protagonist, a ton of undead, one of those adorable little Servbot heads, and a prime example of the game's weapon customisation: a chainsaw taped to an oar. Taping things together is so important in Dead Rising 2 that Capcom has launched as the game's official website.

So yes, it's lovely box art, but it looks so much better alongside the European-exclusive limited edition box set. It includes that highly-detailed bloody tourist, accessories (including a Servbot head), a token for a special downloadable theme, and additional content for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game.

Hopefully they'll reveal something similar for the US release. I could do with a ten inch zombie action-figure.


    Now THIS is what i've been waiting to see... still no look at an Australian Collectors Edition yet, but if it looks ANYTHING like this, i'll be all over it like a bad rash! haha :D

      Just posted this link :

      For ya Chuloopa in the Talk Amongst Yourself page thinking this hadn't been announed on Kotaku, but I see that I am too late.

      Still....Boxset looks hella wicked !!
      So hope this come to Aus, otherwise I'll grab it from the UK if I have to !

        haha yeh... zavvi would probably stock it for cheaper anyway :P

    I work at ebgames and was told by thq that the "uber edition" of dead rising 2 (if this is the one) will be released in australia to extremely limited numbers, 1000 to be exact. I am not going to tell you to go preorder it at egames. Not going to put an eb spin on it. All I know is that the collectors edition is coming to australia, but very limited. So preorder it wherever you preorder games if you want it. Believe me or not.

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