Borderlands’ Claptrap Toy Is So Good We Won’t Call It Cel-Shaded

NECA Toys will bring Borderlands' helpful unicycling robot Claptrap to store shelves in toy form this October, complete with the ability to dispense a catchphrase or two.

Prototype versions of the 4" Claptrap were on display at NECA's Comic-Con booth, among other things that we'll stuff into a gallery soon. Click on the images above and below to see how detailed this thing is, because NECA has really captured the "concept art style" from Borderlands.


    Its so....cute

    Ah, but does it dance?

    The cutest thing since WALL-E.

    Btw/ Borderlands DLC is deal of the week next week from what I read on another site...

    im dancin! im dancin!

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