Borderlands Game-of-the-Year Edition Hinted By GameStop

GameStop's brief listing of a "Borderlands Game of the Year Official Strategy Guide," now removed, hints that a version of Gearbox's smash hit, possibly bundled with its DLC, could be on the way late this summer.

CVG noticed the GameStop listing, which gave a ship date for Sept. 7. The listing gave no other details, but it's possible this guide could cover the three DLC extensions published after Borderlands released in October 2009. And if so, it could mean they're included with a GOTY version of the game.

The extensions were, in order, "The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned," "Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot," and "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx."

I emailed a Gearbox rep to ask the usual confirm/deny/no comment/abort/retry/fail. If any word comes back it'll be updated here.

Borderlands GoTY Edition Leaked [CVG]


    Hope they do it, I never got around to getting it when it came out (Steam release was so freakin' expensive I was put off completely)...

    I was holding of on getting the game until they had a game of the year edition but I couldn't help my self during the Steam sale =)

    While the Zombie Island of Doctor Ned was the most hilarious of the 3 DLC updates the other 2, I felt, did far more to extend the lifespan of the game. While that's easy to say looking at The Secret Armory and it's sheer size Mad Moxi's is still a blast to play today with a group of friends, trying out crazy combinations of weapons and skills and self imposed game mods. Can't wait for the inevitable sequel.

    I haven’t managed to pick up any of the DLC for this game yet. I’ve heard Mad Moxxie is the weakest of the three. But, seeing as I loved the game to death I’ll probably get this when the inevitable GOTY edition pops up. I’m guessing the GOTY edition will only be a little more expensive than all three DLC packs anyway.

    Oh can't wait! I was kicking myself for missing out on the sale they had on one of the DLC on Xbox Live a few months back!

    I thought there was another one on its way however? I remember them announcing they will continue support for more digital DLC. I say digital because, thats what they did say. But could it mean, with a GOTY edition, they add a new DLC to it aswell so the only way you get that is by buying the GOTY edition?

    Either way, I might have to buy the GOTY edition OR with a bit of luck for my pocket, they pull a Bethesda and the DLC is on a seperate disc I can just install and trade back in!

    @Andrew, I think a lot of people consider it weak cause it has no achievements and no real missions or increase in Level Cap. But Mad Moxxi was never meant to be like that and its all for co-op really with your mates just messing around.

    Such an awesome game. I just finished the story this morning and I'll be finishing off all the missions and getting into Mad Moxxi and Zombie Island tonight.

    Also, according to wikipedia Take Two announced in March that they would be releasing a fourth DLC pack, so I would expect it to hit pretty soon.

    I think a sequel is inevitable, but I wouldn't expect it anytime soon.

    I can't believe this , I just brought the game today at Game (I got it for a really good price though)

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