But How Much Is Kinect And Its Games In Europe

Kinect will cost $US150 in the United States, but many of you are not from the United States. You're from the UK! Or Ireland! Or Belgium! How much will it cost for you?

Britain first: Kinect has been priced at £129, Kinect games will be £40 while the 4GB Kinect bundle revealed earlier today will cost £250. Everyone else in the Old World, you'll pay €250 for the bundle and €149 for Kinect.

$US150 has been seen by many as too expensive for the American market. Which would make it even more more expensive in Europe, where, for example, £129 equals $US196, and €149 converts to $US192.


    well ok well done on the uk price now can someone please get the aussie bundle price i have looked every where for it and the best i got was $150au
    and i dont think its right any more well thanks for this bye

      Microsoft has not yet announced a price for Australia.

      It got RC'd in australia due to " gratuitous motions." :P

    It's gonna cost an arm and a leg here in Australia if it reflects similar pricing differences of games.

    They will either make it $250 adding the usual "your Australian, so you pay more tax" or they will make it $200 to reflect everywhere else and keep the price in a not so insane price bracket. Not that I think $200 isn't insane either.

    The European prices are absurd. I hope we don't suffer the same fate...

    Eeeeck. Thats a lot of money for a peripheral with very few launch titles.

    Yeah I'm guessing Aussie price for Kinect will be $200 and games $60-$80

      The games will be closer to $100 in my opinion, usually USD$50 equals AUD$100.

      As for the unit itself, I see AUD$200-$250 being reasonable and likely. It is a one off purchase and there are no additional items required (excluding games) that are needed to deliver the full experience. All of MS's competitor's require more than one device.

    I'm thinking this does not bode well for us Aussies. But at the moment I'm not interested in the games, I own a Wii.

    I would pay max $150 for the kinect + game.

    If they dont go in cheap, then it will hard for them to break into the market with it.

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