Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cover Has No Explosions Or Helicopters

Which is a surprise. A pleasant surprise!


    Would of liked if they ditched that dual wielding crap. Anyway who can dual wield 2 colt ar-15
    s? Or whatever they used in the game. But I am digging sally over there, hope her partner is called Susie or something.
    But I am loving Treyarch's complete disregard for realism in favor for a b rated movie action flick kinda deal. With multiplayer to boot..
    But Im personally more interested in Medal Of Honor..

      Seriously? I wasn't a fan of Battlefield 2, but I kinda think it looks much better than Medal of Honour. MoH to me, looks like a total mess. I hope it isn't, cause it looked interesting and promising at first, but the more i've seen, the less interested I've become.

      BUT the Medal of Honour cover is damn sweet. As was the 'Hardcore' or Limited Edition cover of MW2. This is kinda meh... I prefer the World at War cover a bit more.

      If you look closely, you can see both rifles are equipped differently. Right tool for the job and all that.

    I actually like this cover... sparse is usually a good thing when it comes to box art. It's not like MaG or BC2, where not only is it generic and ugly, there's so much going on it looks like the cover of a B grade 80's movie. This shows some restraint if you know what I mean ;)

    This cover is so over-the-top. Who runs around with TWO assault rifles strapped to his back and dual wielding pistols too?

    Reminds me of Hot Fuzz when Simon Pegg decks himself in guns hanging over his shoulder to lampoon this very cliche.

      Yeah and how awesome was that?!

      In fact, lets replace the cover guy with Simon Pegg!

        Is it possible its actually 2 halves of 2 different characters? Looking at the picture its possible.

        You have my vote

    Replace one of those assault rifles with a dirty big knife in a similar over-the-shoulder sheath would have provided the balance they were going for in this cover and also helped to retain some semblence of reality. The actual guy himself looks exactly like a black ops member should in my mind, kinda reminds me of Tim Roth in Hulk.

    what ever happend to the 7 other Sally's? is that what the game is about? :P

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