Call Of Duty: Black Ops DS Declassified

Developer n-Space returns to the Call of Duty franchise this November with a portable companion to Black Ops on the Nintendo DS, complete with helicopters, stealth jets and six-player online multiplayer.

n-Space has done some pretty amazing things with the Call of Duty franchise on the Nintendo DS. Nintendo's handheld is the last platform that comes to mind when you think first-person shooters, but n-Space makes it work, from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to World at War.

Now they train that expertise on Black Ops, bringing the same six-player online multiplayer from the previous two DS CoD titles, along with a new Perks system, two-player co-op, arcade and challenge modes, letting players replay levels to earn achievements.

Check out the first screens from the DS version of Black Ops below. It's amazing what n-Space can do with such limited power.


    Why oh why didn't they just wait and develop a better looking new title for the 3DS.

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