Calling Activision Boss "A Total Prick" Was A Total Accident

Game designer Tim Schafer called Activision honcho Robert Kotick a "total prick" yesterday. Activision then replied to his claim that Kotick was a "total prick". Schafer now says calling Kotick "a total prick" was an "accident".

"That was an accident," Schafer told website Eurogamer. "I was going to change the title of my talk to 'how to give interviews and remember to check the microphone is off.'"

Continuing, he added, "I need to keep my mouth shut. It is shocking how you really burn bridges in the industry. You start your own company and you don't have to work for that jerky boss any more. Not naming names."

Wonder who he's talking about.

"Then it's like Empire Strikes Back — you walk in the room and, 'Holy shit Darth Vader's at the table.' It's such a small industry, you see the same people over and over again. No-one ever goes away."

According to Eurogamer, Schafer did not explain why he said that Kotick is "a total prick", adding he "definitely" isn't saying anything about the Activision CEO.

Schafer: "I need to keep my mouth shut" [Eurogamer]


    Ah, so it was an accident that Kotick and everyone else *found out* Schafer think's he's a prick. As opposed to actually back pedalling on him being one.

    That's a hell of an analogy. Godspeed Schafer.

    And yes, Kotick is a total prick.

    Wait a minute, he totally had me a total prick, now he's just made me roll over into the wet patch. I feel somewhat used, and sticky.

      haha too true my boy!

      Although, you gotta love the Empire Strikes Back analogy!

    Of course it was an accident, he didn't mean to say it OUT LOUD.

    Greatest apology ever. 'Holy shit darth vader's at the table'

    I totally understand why schafer is backing off now, but not a single word he said was undeserved or untrue, Bobby Kotick is a "total prick" and that's putting it nicely.

    Saying what you think isn't always a great career move, especially in the room same room as a journalist.
    To be fair, he never withdrew the comment or said he didn't mean it or think it, only that he shouldn't have said it.

      Which, regardless of what he said, makes me respect him. He says what he thinks, and when the public is against him, he doesn't crumble, he admits all that he's done wrong.

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