Can Screenshots Also Be Art?

Dead End Thrills is a site about the art of video game screenshots. Not in the way marketing teams use art to lie via bullshot; in the way actual screenshots can use real world photography rules to look amazing.

"Dead End Thrills is a website dedicated to videogame photography", the site's mission statement reads, "an emerging art form that's as far from the average screenshot as it is the average photograph."

It sounds like an easy thing to do, but these guys have a good eye for it and take their time, meaning the results are occasionally gorgeous.

Some examples are in the gallery here, while DET's full catalogue can be had at the link below.

[Dead End Thrills, via Bitmob]


    I'd be more than happy to have that war for cybertron one on my wall - it's stunning

    I'd certainly say that screenshots can be art. Probably even more so than plain old 3D modelling can be art.

    I wish I had the tools to zoom around the world of Red Dead Redemption and take photos. The scenery is amazing and quite a few of the 100+ hours I've spent in game were standing in one spot waiting for the cinematic camera to kick in so I could snap a shot off my TV.

      Boo! You've put me to shame!
      I've only clocked something like 30 hours which feels like so much more. But totally agree, RDR is probably the most beautiful game I've seen this year and of all time.

    Back when I played WoW, I walked to the other side of one of the continents to watch the sunset over the ocean. And I also enjoy them in games like STALKER and Crysis.

    I place art as that I can appreciate for it's aesthetics rather than just it's functionality (though I can also appreciate a function done well).

    It's so easy for this topic to start turning into an essay, so to put simply: I'm saving some of those screenshots cause I like them.

    I'd love to hang on my wall some of the World Maps from DKC. Or any screenshot from the a Boy and his Blob remake.

    If screenshots can be art doesn't it follow that games are art?

    Like saying a pixel on the mona lisa is art, but the painting itself is not?

    Also, love the transformers one

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