Can You Guess The Game Based On Its Wildly Different Box Art?

Can You Guess The Game Based On Its Wildly Different Box Art?

What game is this? It’s a shooter. It’s a Wii game. It’s a sequel. And the previous game’s box art doesn’t look anything like this.

It’s not Vanquish. Remember, this is a Wii game. And it’s not a Halo game, despite the heavily armoured super soldiers featured so prominently on the cover. It supports Wii MotionPlus, sports online and split-screen multiplayer.

The title of the game does not start with the word “The”.

Do you know it? Have you already looked down?

Yes, it’s Conduit 2. Here it is in all it’s sci-fi shoot ’em up glory.

A very different pitch than the last Conduit game.

Which would you buy if you were judging this game by its cover?


  • as much as the second one is really generic, the first cover was just bad… really really bad.

    So this is deffintly an improvement.

  • Is it mandatory that epic poses must have groin thrustage?

    To be honest it looks like the production designer kept going to over to his artist “Yeah, just add a flare there. Oh, and some more particles. Oh and make the background white so the particles stand out. What about some fire and lava? What else is epic? Ruins!”

  • I’m guessing there was at least one discussion in that office about how close they could get to the look of Master Chief before it became plagiarism…

    • I’ve no doubt that the Halo look is what they’re going for here, but the Master Chief design is hardly original enough for it to be worth associating with the word “plagiarism” in this case.

      • Come on man, first impression I got was ‘Oh how Halo-ey!’

        My SIX YEAR OLD said ‘Halo on the wii!!!’ I had to tell him no, it’s just a different game.

        It’s the whole visor thing. They’re trying to invoke a master chief feel to it. It’s all about the marketing.

  • well if we’re judging books by their covers, I like it. But it makes me fear the game is DEBRIS PARTICLES X10! haha

  • The Conduit was a pretty easy guess, it’s not Red Steel so it must be The Conduit.

    I think the top cover is better but perhaps because it advertises Split Screen and Online helps sell it.

  • My first impression was Crysis. After looking at Crysis’ actual boxart I became aware they’re actually very different, the only similarity being the brightness.
    It looks pretty cool, but the emptiness of the image makes it look cheap and unfinished. Maybe the figures in the background should be more visible, along with an actual background.
    The logo itself is very generic. I liked the original, but I understand if they’re trying to establish a new theme in the game and run very very far away from the last game – like Red-steel 2 this game might be trying to wipe the slate clean of the crap and in this case build on what worked.

  • The original looks like a dodgy Deus Ex fanart. The new one is much stronger, artistically, and obviously done at a higher res.

    And Master Chief is an unoriginal and bland design. Get over it.

  • I thought the obvious (Halo) just judging by the general armour cues, the Master Chief-like helmet etc. The new cover art is obviously aiming for the mass market, but the original’s cover is horrible. One of the ugliest things I’ve seen. I’d expect it to look like some Deus Ex pic from Deviant Art or something.

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