Can You Play Two DS Games At Once?

Ten seconds into this trailer for upcoming DS title Fractured Soul, it doesn't look like much. Then the action pans back, and you see both screens, and suddenly things get interesting.

A hybrid platformer/shooter from Australian studio Endgame, Fractured Soul takes the light/dark mechanic found in so many games and makes it a little more immediate, by making use of both DS screens at once. You're controlling the same character in both screens, only he may be in two completely different locations at once; on the bottom screen he'll be in a base, and on the top screen, underwater.

Looks neat!


    Clever idea. This is going to lead to some confusing gameplay :)

    It's not really playing two games at once from the looks of things, the more appropriate title for this post would be "Can you switch between two DS games in rapid succession?"

    ...Yeah, okay, Luke's title sounds better, accurate or not.

    haha that looks tricky, and awesome

    This actually looks pretty sweet, could be interesting. Also, nice to hear Gotye on the soundtrack :)

    looks so confusing....

    I had enough trouble with The World Ends With You so saying that I'll probably have issues with this game would be an understatement.

    That looks like a really cool idea (and probably could have maximised the story representation in the split worlds a bit better) but I personally think that game looks so difficult and challenging to play I doubt I'd enjoy it.

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