Capcom Does Not Learn, Promises More Street Fighter Movies

The first Street Fighter movie was so bad it was kind of good. The second? Plain old bad. That's not dissuading Capcom, however, who say that further live-action Street Fighter projects are currently in the pipeline.

"I think you'll see some clever live-action stuff that will excite our fans at some point in the future, based on Street Fighter", Capcom's Christian Svensson tells GamerLive. "Let's just say that the book is not yet done on Street Fighter film and video projects". He goes on to say "…hopefully we get one right sometime in the future. There are more projects in the works."

You have to wonder why Capcom would continue to beat its head against the wall, when it's fairly obvious that Street Fighter is a series that simply doesn't translate well to the live-action realm. It's too... silly. Now, a big-budget animated feature? Not only is that more suited to the franchise, but there's a successful precedent!

Comic Con 2010: Capcom Says More Street Fighter Movies Are in Development [GamerLive]


    What about Legacy?

    Well, the last movie was completely terrible - so hopefully any that follow won't be any worse.

    capcom is only good at making street fighter games

    thing is, the animated movie was kinda good. So, its POSSIBLE to do a decent film...

      Which one? There's been 4:

      ♦ Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
      ♦ Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation
      ♦ Street Fighter Alpha: Generations
      ♦ Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind

      On top of that, there were two animated series (Street Fighter II V and the US TV series), and a Super Street Fighter IV animated movie is currently in development.

    You're showing the wrong animated movie there if ya wanna show the best SF animated movie ;)

    Street Fighter II - The Animated Movie was fairly good as I recall. That opening fight with Sagat and the final fight against Bison were both exceptionally animated and composed.

    In other news today: The Julia family were horrified to find that their (grand)father's grave had been dug up, remains missing.

    The body remains missing, the search continues.

    (Film at 11!)

    The original animated movie was so awesome that no live action movie could possibly do better. Plot was a pack of nonsense, but the action was absolutely unsurpassable. Best fight scene:

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