Capcom Profits Take A Spinning Bird Kick To The Face

Capcom's profits for the April-June quarter were down an astonishing 90.4 per cent. A lack of AAA hits and the fact nobody bought Lost Planet 2 are being blamed.


    90%... Christ.

    Oh well, they could just release another Vs game that no one will care about.

    I bought Lost Planet 2!, it's a great game!

      I completely agree, it's a fantastic game.

      The mechanics are great and it's a game where you actually play it and work things out rather than just have your hand held through a storyline like western AAA hits.

      +1 Lost Planet 2 is awesome!

    The reviews for LP2 were brutal, I thought the game was fun, but I rented it based on the reviews and didn't end up purchasing it.

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