Capcom, You Might Want To Stop This

Hunter Blade is a Chinese developed online game in which players hunt monsters. It doesn't look a little like Capcom's Monster Hunter. It looks a lottle like Monster Hunter.

When the game was first shown in spring 2009, Capcom issued a statement: "This title is not licensed by us and has no connection to our company."

Yet, the title presses on. The trailer shown at the ChinaJoy gaming expo depicts enemy monsters that look so much like to the ones in Monster Hunter.

What's more, the sword design appears to be very similar.

Certainly, Capcom cannot stop companies from making games that have monster hunting in them. But this is okay? Really?

モンハンのパクリってレベルじゃねーぞ!中国『Hunter Blade 猪刀』新PV公開 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    These days China rips EVERYTHING off shamelessly from elsewhere; they have absolutely no respect for intellectual property laws. I don't know if there is anything Capcom can do to stop them.

    What's funny is, the game looks beautiful.

    I was this game a year ago, and not much has improved.

    The animations are still poor, and it's still a shameless rip-off.

    Capcom need to get MHfrontier out to the rest of the world before this does.

    Frankly, I'm disappointed. Needs more blatant 'creativity infringement', China's really slipping :/

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