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Got a witty caption for this Dead Rising 2 screenshot? Leave it in the comments below.


    This is what happens if you vote for Labor... keep it up and I'll get into the Budgie-smugglers... Muh huh ha ha!

    mmmm... chicken

    The BBQ lunch with the in-laws was not going according to plan.

    Or was it...?

    "Flame On"

    Can you believe it? A Super-soaker, bottle of petrol and tape equals a flamethrower. Gotta love the internet.

    I love the smell of burning flesh in a shopping mall. the ongoing saga in New Orleans it has been reported that BP's latest effort to contain the gulf of mexico oil spill has resulted in the zombification of residents. BP CEO Tony Haward has assured that he is looking into the situation....


    In case of zombie apocalypse: pick up the special Nerf Fireblaster 4000 today!

    "WTF is that?! Kill it with fire!"

    Guys Dont Rush! We're having a FIRE ! !...Sale..

    1. Super Soaker
    2. Can of petrol
    3. ???
    4. Profit

    This weapon will surely get me banned from release in Australia

    "Do flame throwers really kill the living dead?"
    Myth: BUSTED!

    Get your Zombie BBQ, right here!

    Burn baby burn... DISCO INFERNO!!!

    So I told little Jimmy "If you keep screwing around with that toy all hells gona' break loose"

    If you experience a burning sensation anywhere in or around your underpants, consult your local health care professional.

    Steve Jobs silences his critics, at a surprise iPhone 4 conference.

    "Although tests showed good results, we couldn't ethically promote the use of the SuperSoakerFlamer 2000 for crowd control at the G20 summit"

    This is a little dish I like to call "Flambé Zombie".

    Super Soaker - $40
    Can of petrol - $50
    Disposable ligther - $2

    Being able to fry the in-laws - Priceless

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