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    looks like these guys are DEAD tired

    "say hello to my firey freind" hahaha


    Bet you never thought all those nights alone, exercising your left hand and using your imagination would improve your zombie apocalypse survival skills.

    FIRE SALE! All Zombies MUST go!


    Which translates from Zombie to English as:
    Got a light?

    "My eyes the goggles do nothing!"

    Billy Bob knew he had made the right choice in switching to Caltex GTX 2.
    The Scorching carcas stench was an aphrodisiac proof of this...after all, "Oils aint Oils"

    I can haz b-b-q ? :oD!

    Chuck soon realised that the water fight had gotten a little out of hand.

    Unfortunately even these drastic measures could not turn away ravenous twilight fans from the latest premiere.

    "The crowds at the new Apple product launch were becoming increasingly restless, further adding to their reputation as mindless consumers."

    As seen in the local newspaper:

    Inset: Last image of Superstar Chuck Greene before he was immolated when his supersoaker full of gasoline melted.
    Picture: Frank West (he's shot wars)

    McDonalds hiring of dyslexics came under criticism, after a member of staff asked a partially deaf man if he 'wanted fires with that', then proceeded to implement the company's 'customer is always right' policy.

    Sports at 11.

    Water fights are fun...until someone invites an engineer.

    Who wants well done???

    Love is a buring thing
    And it makes a fiery ring
    Bound by wild desire
    I fell into a ring of fire

    I fell into a buring ring of fire
    I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
    And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire
    the ring of fire...

    Thanks to Johnny Cash.


    Warning: hazardous to health and well being, please refrain from aiming at eyes.

    Who the HELL took my helicopter remote?!

    "Slay it, dont spray it!"

    Zombie Steve's attempt to cross the floor without stepping on any cracks was proving difficult.

    Female Zombie with the denim minnie skirt is flaming hot! She's even got other Zombies falling for her with burning desires.

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