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Got a witty caption for this Assassin's Creed Brotherhood screenshot? Leave it in the comments below.

UPDATE: Well, gosh. Ubisoft just contacted me to offer a prize for the best caption. And that prize is a replica assassin's blade. Thanks guys! I'll pick the best caption at 9am Wednesday. The winner is below.

UPDATE #2: Here are some of my favourite captions...

Joshy206 - "I don't think he nose what's happening..."

Stevorooni - "The gritty realistic take on Super Mario Bros just didn't have the magic of the original."

Jo - "As he looks over his new Colorbond roof; he knows he's made the right choice."

davemanc - "Lorenzo always looked down his nose at the other assassins techniques. He couldn't help it."

Chuloopa - ""Play time on the rooftops was always made harder with the nosey neighbors on our street""

Deranged Stoat - "I was taught not to stare at the sun as a young child, but being the rebelious youth I was, I chose to ignore this warning. My naivety has burnt an image into my retinas, leaving me with an irreversible light bloom in my vision. Oh how I wish I had listened, and could once more race across the rooftops with careless abandon..."

Qumulys - "Its rainin' men, hallelujah its raining men, whoa oo ooooh!"

Anon - (Doctor) "Note to self: Hire more staff to chase down needle-phobic patients. They're getting animated."

Kazuki - "This isn't where I parked my Chariot."

Brett McAuliffe - "Next week on 'When 15th century cross-dressers attack!'"

pugly - "All we're missing is a man in a gorilla suit and some Benny Hill music.."

But the winner is...

Ross Moir - (in the voice of David Attenborough) "While the running assasin held a dominant position for many years, they are slowly being hunted down and exterminated by the flying assasin. Meanwhile, the standing assasin has evolved masks and hoods to hide from their airborn adversaries."

Well done, Ross. You've scored yourself this replica assassin's blade, courtesy of the very kind folks at Ubisoft. Don't hurt anyone!


    "Crime: Didn't pay in the 15th century either."

    Voyeurism: On the rooftops of Rome, it's unavoidable.

    "Hmmn, Lorenzo's gummi berry juice addiction has reached an all time low."

    Arnie has travelled back in time to save a bunch of renaissance larikins from aliens that relish the thrill of the hunt.

    Armature, that form is all wrong!

    "NO NO NO! it's left foot, right foot, pirouette, pivet THEN jump *sigh* Venetians do not do the moon walk!"

    The local healers guild made quite a reputation taking out contracts on patients who couldn't afford their services...

    " Please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who. "

    Hope he has armor lock...

    Stop. Stabbin Time.

    "You think you're so cool because you just jumped down from that roof. I dare you to jump from this one to the ground, THEN we'll see how 'cool' you're feeling!"

    "Next week on 'When 15th century cross-dressers attack!' "

    "...Or you guys could ignore me, that's cool."

    "Dudes! What's the rush?"
    "Haven't you heard? There's a colossal ape on the cathedral roof hurling barrels!"
    "I better go get my moustache then"

    Unaware he was witnessing the birth of Parkour, Tim couldn't understand why his friends couldn't walk to the shops like everyone else...

    "Those guys have taken that whole Mario reference way too far"

    "I Like to watch."

    "He thought he was going to Disney Land at first but Young Sonny ran when he realised his flu vaccination was due…”

    Leaping Assassin: "You remembered to tie the rope, didn't you?"

    Assassin's Creed: Ezio goes to Medical School

    "just like assasins creed 2"

    "Sai, io la colpa ai genitori. Questi bambini cresceranno fino ad essere assassini o simili al ritmo con cui stanno andando"


    "You know, I blame the parents. These kids will grow up to be assassins or the like at the rate they're going"

    (apologies to any Italians for butchering their language through google translate)

    "I guarantee you don't want to make me chase you all over Rome to give you this syphilis shot?"

    "Advisory Warning - Ultimate tag may be harmful to your health, medical assistance is advised"

    An innocent bystander looks in horror as one of his fellow citizens is about to become another victim of 'The Rearender.'

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