Catalyst DSi Slim Cover Review: Worst Analogy Ever

What is it about CM4's Catalyst DSi Slim Cover that makes me break out the worst literary comparisons I've written since I was into bad goth poetry in high school?

The Catalyst DSi Slim Cover is a simple enough thing. You get two pieces of aluminium shaped to fit your Nintendo DSi, covered tightly with a wrapping of soft faux-leather. It's pretty much armour for your Nintendo handheld. It's designed to provide protection, comfort, and grip.

So how do I get from that to robots in fetish gear?


So Very Sexy: While it might not look like much right out of the package, the DSi Slim Cover is quite the attractive little unit. Available in black or grey (I have the grey version), the faux leather wrapped cover comes in two pieces that, when fit onto your Nintendo DSi, give it the sort of leather-armoured appearance that would score you extra armour points at your local fantasy live-action role-playing game outings. It leaves all the important bits exposed, leaving just enough of your DSi's outer shell showing to let people know what colour you prefer your Nintendo electronics in.

So Very Secure: The DSi Slim Cover doesn't require tape or glue or suction. Its form-fitting shape and a few ridges here and there are more than enough to hold it firmly against your DSi. I've dropped my DSi multiple times in the weeks I've been using the cover, from casual tosses onto the sofa to accidental drops off of the kitchen counter, and the case has stayed put, keeping the handheld safe in its shaped aluminium embrace.

So Very Comfortable: It's amazing the difference a bit of faux-leather wrapped aluminium can make. While the DSi Slim Cover does add slightly to the bulk of the DSi, that extra bulk is all comfort. It's not that the DSi was a pain to hold in the first place, but the addition of the cloth on the outside makes it feel like you're holding a luxury item instead of a mass-produced video game playing device. After a few weeks of playing with it on, I can't imagine taking it off.

The Catalyst Slim Cover for the Nintendo DSi is one of those products you don't think you need until you have it. Until you snap it onto your system and take it in your hands, feeling the softness of the faux leather on your fingertips. Until you catch a glimpse of your DSi from the corner of your eye, a striking combination of new tech and old materials, like a sexy android wearing leather chaps. When you accidentally drop your DSi on the bathroom floor and find yourself not having that quick flash of panic, knowing it is protected...that's when you'll be glad you own the Catalyst DSi Slim Cover.

The Catalyst DSi Slim Cover was manufactured by CM4. Retails for $US24.99, with a DSi XL version available for $US29.99. A unit was given to us by the manufacturer for reviewing purposes. Used the product extensively for several weeks.

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