Cel-Shaded Frag-a-thon For Charity

GameArena and Australian Gamer are teaming up for a masochistic marathon, in the hopes of raising money for charity. The two gaming sites will set up a live web stream on July 16th at 6pm for one insanely long Borderlands session. How long, you ask? Until you stop giving!

Money raised from the event will go to the Child's Play Charity, set up by Penny Arcade to give the gift of gaming to hospitalised kids all over the world. The marathon itself is in the same vein as previous Child's Play events, such as the recent Mario Marathon which raised over $80,000 USD, and the famous Desert Bus for Hope.

Event organiser Luke Lawrie says several guests from Australian gaming websites will be joining in the action, such as OXCGN, DLC Live, Jason Evans formerly of 2K Games, and yours truly, in addition to those from GameArena and Australian Gamer.

"These are big personalities, known for their drinking habits, and it's a four-player co-op marathon so there won't be a dull moment," says Lawrie. "Expect lots of banter and shenanigans from this crew.

"We're all about encouraging participation from the audience, so we'll be looking at the forums, chat stream, Facebook and Twitter. Since we'll have all these people in one room, we want the audience to suggest discussion topics, and even make challenges. 2K Games is supporting the event, so we've also got some cool stuff to give away."

The event will go for a minimum of 48 hours, but since the stream won't be HD, Lawrie estimates it will hit your download limit for about 130-150MB per hour. Once the game is finished and DLC completed, it'll depend on the stream of donations coming in to keep them going.

The marathon's website should be up between Tuesday to Wednesday next week, and can be found at www.gamearena.com.au/marathon


    January 16th? This is happening next year?

    Fixed! Silly me, it's July 16th

    48 hrs of Borderlands non stop? Hope you guys are gonna have a doctor on standby. I will be impressed if you last. Stock up on caffeine!

    I'll be there too! Looking forward to getting my frag on for charity, yo.

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