Celebrate American Independence With Some Video Games

Enjoying your day off, Americans? Why not enjoy it with video games where you fight for your nation's independence. Or the continuation of British rule! It's 2010, we're cool either way.

There are plenty of games out there involving a struggle for American independence against foreign oppressors or invaders, some of them historical, some of them...less historical.

We've highlighted what we feel are the best of the bunch here, but if you've got any better suggestions, feel free to let us know!

Sid Meier's Colonization - The most appropriate, and historically accurate of the game's we'll show you today, this spin-off of the Civilization series is just as good. Some even say it's better. Take control of a European power's efforts to colonise the new world, then - if you want - oversee their rebellion against an increasingly oppressive monarch. Or you could just see out your term as a docile imperialist stooge! It's up to you.

PS - Get the original '90s version. The recent remake is a bland, sterile affair.

Freedom Fighters - A sadly forgotten game from the last console generation, Freedom Fighters takes place in a world where the US has been invaded and occupied by the Soviet Union. You get to lead a small team of resistance fighters in the struggle to take it back.

Turning Point - OK, so this isn't that great a game. In fact, it's awful. But Nazis goose-stepping down the streets of a fictional New York City, in a world where the Germans won the Second World War? It's way cooler than a fight against redcoats with bad teeth. A recent shooter released on 360 and PS3, you should be able to find it cheap. Real cheap.

World In Conflict - It's the 1980s, and the Soviet Union invades the United States. You, some tanks and voice-over man Alec Baldwin have to take it back. Even if the idea of American independence means nothing to you, this is still worth checking out, as it's the most novel take on real-time strategy since Company of Heroes.

Empire: Total War - A brilliant PC strategy game, Empire has you leading a government and its armed forces through the global wars of the 18th century. To get you started, its tutorial walks you through the struggle for American independence, from conflict with settlers to Bunker Hill, all the way to the point where you win independence and can then go pick on the Indians and Mexicans.

Panzer General II - Another PC strategy game, and another one involving Nazis invading the USA, Panzer General II is one of the finest hexagonal war games ever made. It's a rare game in that it lets you take command of German forces on a strategic level, and rarer still in that if you do well it lets you invade the United States. There's no option for liberty or equality here: the goal is to have Jackboots on Broadway as quickly as possible.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Possibly the most ridiculous plotline of them all, with contemporary (i.e. bankrupt) Russia somehow able to invade the Eastern United States without anyone noticing, and also the least satisfying struggle for independence given its limited scope (and rushed conclusion), but it's still fun clearing bad guys out of the ruins of the White House.

Patriots' Game - For those after something a little lighter - or stuck at work - try Patriots' Game, a flash title based on Lane Smith's awesome historical children's book, John, Paul, George & Ben. You get to ring liberty bells (and chop down trees as George Washington).


    Freedom Fighters! I've still got a copy of that lying around at home somewhere but I don't think it's backwards compatible on the 360. :( Was a pretty good game for it's time with a good mix of missions. Of course Total War is in my collection but I love fighting in Europe rather than the Americas.

    World in Conflict is my pick of the bunch. Though it got a bit silly towards the end with the insane number of units you were destroying, the pretty visuals and gameplay was still great.

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