Celebrity Look-Alikes Of Video Game Stars

As a weekend timewaster, this idea was so good I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it first. GamesRadar plugged seven high-quality screengrabs into those find-my-celebrity-lookalike sites, and came back with some hilariously inaccurate - and surprisingly accurate - matches.

Kanye West as Nathan Drake? Barack Obama as Commander Shepard? Johnny Depp as John Marston? Whether you could see it happening, or not, head over and enjoy.

The Celebrity Lookalike Generator Used on Video Game Characters [GamesRadar]


    Marcus Fenix - William H Macy


    that was EASILY the best of them all!!

    I am so going home to make a Commander Shepard Obama. It just works.

      Yeah, that was my favourite too :P

      And the photoshop was actually pretty good :P

      But a lot were really accurate... Mandy Moore would work as Alyx Vance. Creepy :P

        Although I'm pretty upset no-one looked like Master Chief :P

          the master chief looks like chuck norris.

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