Censor Watch

Censor Watch

In which we take a look at what the Classification Board has been up to recently.

The most notable title to be classified in the last week is SEGA and Platinum Games’ third-person shooter Vanquish, indicating that it’s well on the way to hitting its October release date. Those suspecting SEGA might baulk at launching a new shooter IP right in the middle of Halo Reach, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty: Black Ops should think again. Vanquish looks to have the sci-fi third-person shooter with robots and over-the-top acrobatics market all to itself this Christmas.

More surprising is HAWX 2 being rated already. It was only announced in May, shortly before E3, and Ubisoft has yet to give it a firm release date. Looks like action flight combat fans will have something to play this year after all.

Elsewhere, nothing out of the ordinary – a few add-ons, casual games and licensed guff – except for the first in the below list. I have no idea what it is. Google is no use. Anyone have any idea?

Adventure Lost Island: Hidden Object Game (Nintendo) G Aya and the Cubes of Light (Nintendo) G Lock On: Platinum (Mindscape) PG Majesty 2: Pocket Kingdom (N3V) PG Monopoly Streets (EA) G Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (Namco Bandai) PG Racket Sports (Ubisoft) G The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff (EA) M Sonic Colours (SEGA) G Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 (Ubisoft) PG Vanquish (SEGA) MA15+ The X Factor (Koch Media) PG


  • Was surprised to see Vanquish get slapped with an MA15+. Of the media that came out during E3, there wasn’t much in the way of gore. Then again, consistency isn’t the Classification board’s strongest suit.

    Great game though, can’t wait til it drops.

  • HAWX 2 is out in September, actually. That’s from Ubisoft themselves. I don’t know if a day *in* September has been set yet, though…

  • First one is probably another DSiWare or WiiWare game. If it’s by Nintendo and you have no idea what it is about then it’s one of those.

    Nintendo are not really good at telling people about new WiiWare or DSiWare games, they just release them.

  • I’d have thought Vanquish would get an M from what I’ve seen, but I haven’t seen that much to be honest and sometimes games with similar themes get rated differently. I know that the group of people who review one game may not review another.

    I do beleive there appears be a lack of consistency with the OFLC. Which in a group of people who control what we view is not a good thing. I’m talking Games and Movies here.

    • And just think, they want to try and expand the same kind of flawed, inconsistent classification system to all internet content too. 🙁

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