Chad Ochocinco Gets A Head Start On Madden

Chad Ochocinco Gets A Head Start On Madden

When last we heard from Bengals receiver/game enthusiast Chad Ochocinco, he was offering season tickets for an early copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now he’s enjoying Madden NFL 11, 18 days before release.

Ochocinco, who last year had difficulty configuring his Xbox 360’s wireless connection and inadvisedly tweeted his Gamertag to the world, got the copy from EA Sports’ Sandy Sandoval, the director of player relations. That must be a fantastic job. Anyway, Ochocinco’s already talking smack, Old Spice Swagger style.

“y’all can come over and get beat in the new madden 11 also, my house is your house when it comes to video games” he Tweeted to one Cincinnati fan, apparently a friend. ” man i am up and ready, i am the best madden 11 player in the world right now because nobody else has it, lmao,” he taunted another. “you suck at Madden 11 also, you havent won a game at my house in 2 years snowflake”

The demo for Madden NFL 11 rolls out on Tuesday. It’ll feature five minute quarters and a Jets-Colts matchup. The full game arrives Aug. 10, then we can start showing Ocho who’s boss.

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