Chewbacca On A Squirrel Fighting Nazis


    Dear god... i need that on my wall... NOW!!!

    That so choc-full of win... i'm... i'm just lost for words... mummy....*twitch*

    This picture is the epitome of the word awesome.

    Chewwy has been taking acid again...

      Yeah, the first time this happened, he ended up in an Imperial work camp and had to get Han Solo to bust him out...


    Zurückfallen! Zurückfallen!

    Butt-kicking for goodness?

    Friends, I believe the world may now end, there is no further reason to keep on existing with this picture of awesomeness available.

    Seriously? WTF make someone think of this? I love it!

    I submitted this to Epic Win and Very Demotivational Posters, let's hope it makes the front page!

    This print is going in my living room! It's for sale here:

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