China, There Will Be No Kinect For You

Sorry, China! When Kinect is released later this year, you won't be allowed to buy the motion control peripheral. At least, not legally.

Why? Chinese readers will know this, but for everyone else, there are laws in place in the country that forbid the legal, official sale of just about every video game console currently on the market (a few Nintendo machines, including the DS, excepted).

So you can't buy an Xbox 360, and with the release of Kinect, you still can't buy an Xbox 360. Or a PS3, for that matter, so presumably Move won't be seeing an official launch in China either (they'll still be quite easily available through third-party importers, however).

Helps put the country's PC gaming dominance in perspective, doesn't it? Of course people will play PC games if they can't play anything else.

Kinect Not to Debut China [TradingMarkets, via Gamasutra]


    You sure about this? I was just in Shanghai for 2 weeks and saw plenty of stores, like in shops in department stores, selling Wii and 360 consoles... I thought they were allowed there. And it really looked like the real thing, they were priced pretty much the same.

      Probably one of those laws that's there but everybody just ignores. Movie piracy is against the law over there too, you know. They just don't care enough to enforce it.

      They are real. Those consoles are imported (illegally) into China from various part of the world (HK, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and US). I know this because I brought a few consoles in Shanghai myself.

    I'd like to see what these laws are, and why they're in place.

      Because buying these inferior Imperialist Pig products only brings down social order and spits in the face of family values and morality.

      Fortunately, your benevolent communist overlords happen to have their fingers in companies who will make superior versions of these devices to enrich your lives! Long live the iPed!

      But seriously though, maybe this will help-

      they're in place because video gaming is destroying the fabric of society.

      Soon in every country except china there will be millions of criminals and homicidal maniacs

    whats the point of the kinect part of the story just right about no PS3 or Xbox 360 for china

    I like articles based solely on presumptions, instead of research or concrete fact. It's why I choose NineMSN.

      Its a load of bullshit, I just came back from Shanghai and there are shops selling consoles everywhere.

      The consoles just havent been officially launched, and are imported versions from Korea, HK, Taiwan etc.

    I don't really see any point to those laws. Everyone who wants to play video games is just going to play PC's.

    Unless...thats what they want.

    While I have never seen consoles in department stores many markets have them. Buying legit games is hard, I have to order them all in. I bought my PS3 while in China no worries. I assume like Braaains said, it is just ignored.

    Yeah I bought a ps3 in china (hong kong) and it is all legit and works fine it came in the proper packaging and it was cheaper cause they are made there it also had chinese writing on the box and it came with games and the store was a electronic store like many others i think maybe only in certain parts of china maybe?

      Hong Kong isn't part of China technically. Different laws and rules and currencies and what not.

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