Civilization V Develops Snazzy $US100 Edition

Civilization V Develops Snazzy $US100 Edition

PC strategy fans love them some Civilization, but do they love it enough to spend double retail price for the game plus collector swag?

For $US49.99 come September, you’ll be able to get your hands on the normal retail version of Sid Meier’s Civilization V. What do you get for $US99.99? Why, a plethora of Civilization related goodies that may or may not look good on your mantle, depending on the style, configuration, and existence of your mantle.

The bulk of that $US50 likely goes to the five metal figurines from Reaper Miniatures, based on units from the game. Each highly-detailed lump of metal is guaranteed to take up space somewhere in your home.

Next comes the 176-page hardbound art book, which will look lovely on my book case and is the primary reason I will likely shell out the extra $US50 myself. What? I like video game art books.

Rounding out the special edition is a pair of soundtrack CDs and a “Behind-the-Scenes at Firaxis on Civilization V” DVD. I don’t think I’ve peeked at a behind-the-scenes DVD in the history of behind-the-scenes DVDs being packed in games, and I don’t see myself bucking that trend any time soon.

So is $US50 a fair price to pay for a handful of metal figures and an art book?


  • “What do you get for $US99.99?”

    The game on Steam if you live in Australia? Oh wait, sorry, that’s ONLY US$79.99, my mistake!

  • What is with the Elijah Wood picture everywhere? How does his face pass as advertising for Lifehacker? At least photoshop his eyes so they point the same direction.

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