Close Up With Kinect's Purple Boxes

Did you know that Microsoft's controller-free Kinect games come in purple cases instead of the green Xbox 360 ones? Would you like to see the cases up close? Better yet, would you like to see an entire wall of them?

Here you go! A wall of purple Kinect cases. On your computer screen. Amazing.

Kinect will be released in North America on November 4 and in Australia later that month.


    Am I the only one who thinks the case looks too much like the color of a specific toy?

      I... don't get it.

        I believe he's referring to his collection of purple vibrators.

        It's the shade of buzz lightyear's head... yes... that's definitely what he was referring to...

    That shade of purple literally makes me sick. It also makes me want to kill myself to think that gaming has come to this....

    ...Third Street Saints took over the games industry now?


    Wasn't Purple and Green the "Gay" colours? Certainly was when I was in Highschool.

      I had to wear a purple blazer as part of the highschool uniform... so yes, I can confirm this.

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