Club Nintendo (Of Japan) Rewards Mario Fans With Mario Tees

Another reason to turn green with envy at Club Nintendo of Japan's member prizes? This new series of customisable Super Mario Bros tees, only available to the serious (and in good standing) Nintendo super fan.

Nintendo will be giving these Mario-themed tees to Japanese Club Nintendo faithful this year for a pittance. Just 600 points. But to collect all of them, you'd have to be the wealthiest Club Nintendo member of them all. The shirts come with either pixelated or illustrated designs on the front, with a design of your choice on the back. Dozens of options!

Let this serve as a reminder that the North American version of Club Nintendo is ending its year today. If you need to register your stuff, hopefully for Gold of Platinum prizes, do it posthaste!

クラブニンテンドーTシャツ2010 [Club Nintendo]


    Just buy em in auction for about $50 each, done.

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