Comic Con Teases New Spore Game

The programming schedule for San Diego Comic Con reveals a "a brand new, Sci-Fi Action-RPG based on the DNA of Spore." Rumours and images floating around the Spore forums say the game will be called Darkspore.

"Maxis Studio (The Sims and Spore video games) has just announced their next project, a brand new, Sci-Fi Action-RPG based on the DNA of Spore," says an event listing for SDCC. "Join key leads from the dev team, Thomas Vu, Paul Sottosanti and Lauren McHugh, for the first game reveal to the public!"

Forum rumours have it that the game will have players confronting the Darkspore, an evil alien race that wants to take over the galaxy. CinemaBlend notes that currently redirects to The URL is owned by Electronic Arts.

Back in May, EA said it would publish a Spore title for PC in the first quarter of 2011.


    I don't know that I would call the first Spore a 'game', as it wasn't very much fun to 'play' and it turned out to be a whole pile of 'over-hyped rubbish'.

      I totally agree - I bought Spore expecting a coherent, serious game. What we got were a bunch of loosely-linked mini-games geared towards a younger audience with little fun or complexity. It had so much potential, as well - or at least hype, if that counts as potential.

        I was exepecting a pretty cool evolutionary simulator... Needless to say I was dissapoint when I got it.

    Yeah I never played Spore either. I kind of wanted to give it a spin, but the price is still ridiculous for a title released so long ago. Once it comes down to a DLC-inclusive pack on Steam for $10 then I'll get it.

    The gameplay from the video reviews etc didn't seem crash hot.

    I think its stupid, i mean they released 1 expansion and then 2 things to get extra parts. They could of gone so much further with it.

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