Comic-Con’s Most Pissed Statue? The God Of War!

For the serious God of War fan, SideShow Collectibles offers a Kratos that's more detailed, more massive and clearly more seething with Spartan rage. To wit, it's also much more expensive than DC Direct's Kratos action figure.

On display at SideShow's Comic-Con booth, always an impressive stop on the show floor, this polystone statue featuring the God of War and his hefty blades will set you back $US249 when it ships this later this year.

Comments he wearing... lipstick??....

      Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline... the only lipstick guaranteed not to smudge while you're tearing the head of mythical beasts and murdering God.

        he always did seem like a "Kissfinity" guy to me..

          I'd like to think it's dried blood from a victim.

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