Cosplayers Sure Look Different Under Photoshop Conditions

If women on the covers of magazines can be photoshopped to within an inch of oblivion, then damnit, there's no reason why cosplayers can't as well.

It's mean, I know, but also an interesting exercise in body image (and cosplay as well)! You'd think people that are already in costume wouldn't be as concerned with how they look as "themselves", but when you're trying to replicate the look of a fictional character, anything goes, it seems. Even if most of these shots in the gallery below are probably done by horrible forum dwellers, and not the cosplayers themselves.

Cosplay Girls Before And After Photoshop [Photography Maniacs, via NeoGAF, Boing Boing]


    wahahahaahahahaha!!! XD the first one looks like Dark Crystle.

    omg burn it all

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHGHGHG! kill it! kill it!

      Kill it with fire!


    My eyes bleed
    My soul weeps
    My face is compressed into a frightened rictus
    All by these frightful pictures.

    Love the cockroach bangs on emo Link in the last picture. With a princess like that no wonder he prefered to spend his time chasing chickens.

    Oh god my eyes, they sting and bleed. This is so horrible O_O

    ....forget burning them, i feel like i have to burn myself i feel so dirty for even looking at those...

    oh the humanity...

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