Could A Console Version Of StarCraft II Work?

With a relatively successful, albeit questionably marketed version of the original StarCraft released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000, how would StarCraft II fare on today's consoles?

Two years after the release of the original StarCraft on the PC, StarCraft 64 hit store shelves. Co-developed by Blizzard Entertainment and Mass Media Inc, the game contained all of the missions from the original game and the Brood War expansion, plus a couple of exclusive missions. While the game didn't feature online multiplayer or voiced cutscenes, it made up for those with a split-screen multiplayer mode in which two players controlled one force.

While the game was hideous graphically, gameplay-wise it remains one of the most successful PC-to-console real-time-strategy ports of all time. Could lightning strike twice?

StarCraft pushed the Nintendo 64 to its limits, requiring the 64MB memory expansion to even run the Brood War missions. Today the lines between console and PC power are much more blurry. The Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 could easily handle running the game.

The main obstacle of bringing StarCraft II to the console, from a design standpoint at least, is the controls. As we've learned time and time again, an analogue stick is not a substitute for a mouse. StarCraft II's controls aren't particularly complex, but they'd still likely be incredibly awkward. The best solution would be redesigning the controls for console play, and who has time for that?

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to a StarCraft II release on consoles, however, is Blizzard's

From here on out, Blizzard's games are going to have's hooks anchored deep and StarCraft II is no exception. Blizzard has made it clear time and time again that is the future of the Blizzard community, so unless a console interface for the community was created, it's doubtful we'd ever see StarCraft II in its present form on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

You know Microsoft would make you pay extra to access it anyway.

Of course there could always be an offline port of StarCraft II, perhaps once all three single-player games have been released, but StarCraft II without online is like something amazing without the thing that makes it amazing (from the department of bad analogies). It might have worked back on the Nintendo 64, but that was before online multiplayer was really a going concern on consoles.

So a return to consoles for StarCraft seems unlikely. At least we'll always have the Saddam Hussein video.


    No because personally I dislike console controls.... Local multiplayer would be so difficult aswell....

      We could connect keyboards and mouse to the xbox 360 & ps3 via usb, so why the hell not??

        You could just play it on a PC also

          Once you'd upgraded your hardware, installed the correct patches (in the correct order), gotten over the odious DRM. Of course, only after you've done that do you discover that your video card / os / version of directx / etc is not supported. So you bring the game back hoping for a refund... but because it's a PC game that you've opened then you can't return it.

    Yes the controls are the issue, but the PS3 officially has support for Keyboard and Mouse... so this is half the battle if they want to make the game as close as possible to its PC counterpart, it just means they have to make 2 control schemes for the game, where I think you will find most publishers would find that a waste of time/money & resources.

    The publishers should take a gamble and create a console game that uses KB&M, given how popular Starcraft is, it will probably shift a fair few units.

    I personally LOVED starcraft 64 :P many a night spent playing it with my sister. that was back when Mum wouldnt let me play it on the PC cause we only had one!

    These days of course it could work.. but it would be another nail in the pc's coffin..

    Provided, of course, they could get decent keyboard and mouse controls working on the consoles..

    Everyone says "well just play on pc then"... well what about for all those people that can't run it (or future games) on their PC's and don't want to spend extra money each year upgrading to keep the pc relevant..

    There are arguments for both sides.. but yes it could be done and yes it could be successful... but i am also not sold on it as i don't want yet another thing going against the PC - i mean they've already lost enough support as it is anyway..

    I think it can be done.

    Halo Wars showed that a console RTS can be done if it's planned well. Current controllers have a pretty vast number of button combinations. But, yeah, is going to be the issue... although I never played StarCraft One for the multiplayer... it was always about the story for me.

    All New Starcraft 2 bundle package: SC2 for PS3/XBox with a Blizzard Licenced Keyboard and Mouse command unit with SC art on them.

    Problem solved.

    Ok that's flippant. But yeah, I've said before, why can't we just plug KB&M in? And for those of us who have a console or two and perhaps don't want/can't afford to maintain a PC for those few games that just can't be played on a console, 'Just play on the PC' isn't an answer.

    call me crazy but if I did'nt have a gaming PC and this came out on the Ps3 I would buy it, sure the controls with a joypay would never be as good as a keyboard and mouse (assuming you don't use these on your ps3) but I would give it a go

    There's absolutely no reason it wouldn't work. Can you get the same control precision in an RTS without a keyboard and mouse? Maybe not, but all three current-gen consoles have USB ports so you could use a keyboard and mouse. Problem - if you want to call it that - solved.

    I'm beginning to imagine the potential of RTS controls augmented by Kinect - note that I didn't say "entirely controlled by" - and what I'm imagining is pretty awesome.

    StarCraft needs absolute precision...I tried playing the N64 version with a fellow hardcore competitive StarCraft player and we were both just shitting ourselves.

    I need about 10 buttons just for hotkeying groups of unit and buildings, not to mention all the hotkeys for production, which I imagine would already take up the entire set of face buttons...shoulder buttons for left and right click leaves the dpad and the other two shoulder buttons...

    Actually that might be good enough, who knows...

    Consoles kill enough games with their horrible controls as it is don't add more

    Why don't they just include a mouse with the game ala guitar hero?

    I imagine that the Wii's pointer would mean controlling the game isn't too far removed from using a mouse... but apparently only the 360 and PS3 exist for you guys? :P

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