Crackdown 2 To Get More Colourful With DLC

Among many criticisms of Crackdown 2 was the game's duller colour palette, which swapped out the bright hues of the 2007 hit for duller, grittier tones. The developer said while this was intentional, it will be remedied with DLC.

I suppose a spoiler alert is in order here. Haven't played the game myself, but the studio, Ruffian, seems to tie this decision in with narrative details of the core game:

In character customisation, "the colours you get by default are Agency-approved colours," Ruffian producer James Cope told MTV Multiplayer. "By the time the DLC comes out, people will know for certain that The Agency isn't good and then we can start fitting in to the propaganda we set up ahead of launch. The expansion of the armour colours becomes much more vibrant and radical from the Agency's approved perspective as we start looking at DLC."

Cope said the subdued colours, in addition to serving the narrative depiction of The Agency, also reflect a bombed-out state of Pacific City. Apparently the story changes in the game's downloadable content add-ons, two of which are planned. One is called "The Toy Box" and will return "Keys to the City", a kind of god-mode playground that allows players more powerful abilities, gadgets and vehicles. The second extension, "Deluge", that is more focused on expanding the game's play rather than its environment. "We're aiming at having a completely new way to play the game you've already got. I think people are much more appreciative of that," he told MTV Multiplayer.

No time frame for either extension's release was given.

Crackdown 2 Developer Responds to Criticisms, Talks DLC [MTV Multiplayer]


    lol ok so yeah that was a spoiler... luckily i don't give a dam about the story :P Just give me the orbs and i'm a happy man

    Still not sure if I'm going to pick this up or not.

    something ive been noticing, when a developer makes a choice of washing out or using more greys to convey the destruction or hopelessness of a world in a game... Gamers dont like it.

    Like Gears of War, i thought the colour palette was fine but apparently some people find it ugly.

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