Crayon Shin-chan Draws Up Korean Online Game

Over in South Korea, popular Japanese manga-slash-anime Crayon Shin-chan is getting its own online game. But will it have Shin-chan's infamous butt dance?

Developed by both Rainfall Soft and Daewon Media, the game is a 2D action role-playing game. Several Shin-chan console games have already been released in Japan.

This year is the twenty anniversary of the Crayon Shin-chan manga. Last September, the creator of Crayon Shin-chan went missing during a hiking trip. He was later found at the bottom of a cliff and questions arose whether his death was an accidental or suicide.

"オラもオンラインゲームになるゾ"。韓国Windysoftなど3社が「クレヨンしんちゃんオンライン」を共同開発中。ティザーサイト開設(クレヨンしんちゃんオンライン) [4Gamer via オレ的ゲーム情報]


    Anyone know where you can buy a copy of the series on DVD in Australia. I've tried a few shops a while ago but they said it hadn't had a pal release.

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