Cross-Dressing Shmup Kick Boxer Gets New Threads

When kick boxer Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima dresses up, he likes to dress up as girls from bullet hell shooter Touhou Project. In his most recent bout, he wore something very different.

Before we get to that, here is Nagashima a couple days before the bout. He was photographed with all the other fighters. Can you guess which one Nagashima is? It's really hard!

The night of the fight, an augmented reality version of Nagashima appeared on stage with his dancers. That's Nagashima in the middle in the dress.

Then smoke spurted out. And Nagashima emerged, dressed as Sachiel, the giant monster from the first few episodes of anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Complete with AR.

Nagashima's cosplaying dancers were dressed in Evangelion plug suits. That's some lady dressed as Evangelion's Shinji Ikari.

Dramatic close up. They cheered him on as he punched and kicked!

This lady looks so sad.

Here is another spectator. She's dressed as magician Marisa Kirisame from Touhou Project. Amazing that his cosplaying of characters from this shooter has become so iconic in nerdom!

And Nagashima defeats his Brazilian challenger.

His dancers are so happy.

I think.

The end.

長島☆自演乙☆雄一郎さん、K-1 WORLD MAX 1回戦にて、アンドレ・ジダに判定勝ち [カオスな情報置場]


    It's good to see Shinji coping better in the fight than in EoE.

    Hahaha WTF.

    Did he beat his competitior in any sort of costume?

    How embarrasing would that be, to be beaten by a guy ina skirt...

    quit now

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