Crysis 2 Nano Edition Briefly Appears, Is Nowhere Near Nano-Sized

Swedish online store briefly carried a listing for the Crysis 2 Nano Edition priced at the equivalent of nearly $US200. What Crysis 2 swag could be worth that much?

German website PlayFront.De managed to snag a few pictures of the ultra-expensive edition before Webhallen took it down, and I have to say, that's one fancy looking nano-suit backpack. Measuring 46cm x 34cm (18 inches by 13 inches), the bag features a metallic spine similar to those found on the nano-suits in the game. It's definitely fancy, but not quite an extra $US140 worth of fancy.

No, that's made up by the 7.9 inch-long Prophet statue, the 176-page art book, a SCAR hologram, something called a "Waffenskin SCAR - Camouflage", access to higher ranks and unlockable items and a special steelbook case.

According to, the price listed for the Nano Edition was the equivalent to €158 or $US199. It's extremely fancy, very pricey, and of course, now it's gone from Webhallen.

I'm sure we'll see it again. That sort of special edition deserves its own press release, which I suspect might be coming sooner than originally planned.

Crysis 2: Limited Edition sighted [PlayFront.De via Digg]


    I like Crysis, I like the bag but I dont think I'd pay that much just to get it.

    please come out in Australia a awesome edition to my most wanted game this year

      Yea, pitty that. It has been put back to march 2011. Guess it will be thed most anticipated game next year...

    Dayum....that's impressive as hell... but also too expensive for me...

    besides i haven't even played the first due to my laptop shitting itself at even basic games :P

    Ouch, pretty hefty price tag. Still, that bag does look very cool

    that bag looks embarrasing XD, looks like some fat guys rolls. besides the spine is probably plastic

    How are you meant to afford that AND the new graphics card for your PC?
    it does look nice though and i am very eagerly anticipating this, i loved Crysis and warhead

    Im buying two oh yeah!!!!

    I don't know who this is targeted at. I don't think the Crysis playing demographic overlaps significantly with the ultra hip tiny back/hydration-pack crowd.

    Wouldn't be caught dead wearing that thing.

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