Darksiders Gets A Statue, Here's Your First Look

SOTA Toys have sent over the first images of an upcoming piece of Darksiders merchandise fans of the game might be interested in: a big sculpture of "hero" War, and his trusty steed Ruin.

It stands an impressive 14 inches high, and while a release date and price are still up in the air, SOTA hopes to have it painted (this is an unpainted prototype) and on display at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

We'll be in attendance at the show, so if it does make it in time, we'll be able to get some pictures of the finished product.


    Mmmmmm, chocolate.

    Didn't really enjoy the game, but that statue looks pretty cool. Bit weird unpainted though. Hopefully it'll look great when painted.

    Looks more like a Zbrush sculpt rather than an actual produced prototype. Looks like a very cool design. Be interesting to see if the flames are done in clear plastic or just painted in the final production version.

    That looks awful, they are trying to hide how poo it looks by using the worst shader in Z-brush.

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