DC Universe Online Opens Its Beta Door, Gets Limited Edition

Sony Online Entertainment's next massively multiplayer online game, the superhero-stuffed DC Universe Online, will now take your application to join its massively multiplayer online beta, well in advance of its November launch on the PC and PlayStation 3.

To sign up, head over to the official DC Universe Online site and hope for the best. (And do let us know if you get in. We're curious.)

In addition to good news about DC Universe Online's beta, SOE brings word of a limited edition version of the game, even further limited to the PC version. That deluxe package will include a statue of Batman designed by Jim Lee, a limited edition Art of DC Universe Online book, and the DC Universe Online: Legends Issue #0 comic book, written by Tony Bedard and illustrated by Oliver Nome, Michael Lopez and Livio Ramondelli.


    when is AC Brotherhood beta going to be released

    No news on pricing yet, though? I know it'll probably be monthly, but it seems odd that the limited edition is announced before the pricing plan.

      Pricing was announced last month and details were on CVG, and yes its monthly subscription and from what i recall i remember stating it was quite steep, and it wouldnt let the game reach its full potential on either pc or ps3

    so... im keen for this game to come out... when do we know if we get in the beta and can we even get in as Aussies?

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