DC Universe Online To Release Nov. 2

At Comic-Con yesterday, after showing that epic six-minute trailer setting up the game's story, the eminent artist and writer Jim Lee said that DC Universe Online will launch on Nov. 2 in North America.

Furthermore, playing the console MMO will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription. There hadn't been any suggestion that it would, but the assurance brought applause anyway, as an MMO is a bit of a different thing compared with the standard multiplayer that's free on PSN.

On another interesting note game director Chris Cao addressed the potential of created heroes joining the Green Lantern Corps in game. Cao mentioned the developers did not want to have thousands of Green Lanterns roaming the landscape, but coyly referred to the Corps being "a very special thing," and the possibility of cross promotions with the Green Lantern film coming out next year.

DC Universe Online's Big Bang Set For Nov. 2 [GameSpot]


    So does that mean that you need PS+ to play any of this game, or just the MMO part?

      As the post says, a PlayStation Plus subscription is not required.

    This game is looking pretty damn good

    I do prefer Marvel by miles, but this game (among many others) is really making me wish i had a PS3

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