DC's Mass Effect, Killzone, God Of War Toys Up Close, Totally Awesome

Toy and collectable maker DC Direct has some lovely looking action figure offerings coming later this year and well into 2011, all of which were on display at Comic-Con 2010. From Mass Effect to Twisted Metal, let's take a look!

Which is best? DC's highly detailed but small-feeling God of War toys or its sharp and sleek Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time toys? Or is it Killzone 3's Helghan soldiers? You make the call!


    My Shepard doesn't look like that!

    Releasing figures of customisable characters = fail.

    Might get Garrus though. :)

      Agreed. I want all of the Mass Effect ones except Shepard.

    The Mass Effect ones look great except for Shepard. The face looks nothing like even the default Shep. Tali's visor looks a bit off as well.


    I like the killzone ones too. I would get Garrus.

    The supposedly easiest ME character to model--Shepard--is the one who looks least like the original one. Tali is a bit weird and fat from the waist down (and what is that on her hand--an omni tool? plz). Mordin and Garrus are terrific, though. Love Thane, he's my fave alien, but this looks more like a cartoon than the one on the game. I know he is very much like the one on the announcement vids, but all the others look like the ingame characters, so why make him different? Grunt looks nice too, I'd like to sse the other human characters as well.

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