Dead Rising 2 Dated & Rated

Dead Rising 2 Dated & Rated
MA15+ The proper sequel to your favourite zombie massacring spree will be released locally with no changes made, on the 30th of September, with an MA15+ rating.

The original Dead Rising saw you taking on a hoard of the undead in a mall, armed only with a camera and whatever the mall had to offer – from chainsaws, to lawn mowers, to giant foam hands, although there was only one (not easy to reach) shotgun in the game.

We were pleased to see more of what makes us warm & fuzzy inside at this year’s E3, with Dead Rising 2 able to fit more zombies on-screen at once, and allowing you to combine the mall’s many, many items for more inventive killing methods. The term “Emergent Corpse Slaughtering” wasn’t used, but it should have been.

Dead Rising 2 Dated & Rated

[imgclear] Expect Dead Rising 2’s ECS system to hit shelves on September 30th, for PC, 360 and PS3.


  • FUZZ YEH!!! NEW AWESOME ZOMBIE GAME PRE-ORDER HERE I COME!!! all i need to know is “will there be a special/collectors edition?”

    • I don’t see how the ESRB has anything to do with it since they are the American rating board. You probably mean “God Damn Classification Board (formerly OFLC)”.

      The (technical) difference is that in L4D/2 you are killing humans (that have been ‘infected’ with a disease) and in Dead Rising you are killing zombies.

      • Oh.. so that’s why i wasn’t arrested when i when on a killing spree in my local Apple store…

        • well i just killed my own joke by saying “when” a second time rather than “went”… bloody heck..

        • Even if you had been arrested, there’s not a jury in the land that would have convicted you 🙂

      • Actually the ‘zombies’ in dead rising are infected humans too. So no difference.

        Just more proof of double standards on the Classification Board.

        As for the game, I can’t wait! Loved the first one, although I was never able to finish (hated the save system), so hopefully I’ll make it through this one.

        • While there is a difference between the two zombies (L4D2 zombies aren’t dead just infected 28 Days Later style, DR2 zombies are re-animated infected corpses) I don’t think that was their problem with the game. The problem was they didn’t make it clear enough that certain infected models were zombies and not normal people.
          Either they think people over 15 need neon signs explaining the crazy hazmat guy attacking you is infected, or they can’t read between the lines themselves and legitimately find it confusing.

          I’d wager the real reason that this got in is that Dead Rising is third-person so the gore isn’t in your face like L4D2. That and the action isn’t fast paced and is pretty unrealistic so the violence doesn’t come off as being so graphic (even though there’s a good chance it’s more graphic than L4D2).

  • woot woot woot! AWESOME! Can’t wait!
    My favourite weapons in Part 1 was the lawnmower and garden shears! The choices in this sequel looks out of this world! Yay!

  • Wait……..this is uncut………..L4D2 is cut…. dammit Valve resubmit L4D2 already when this is release ffs.

  • Awesome news. Dead Rising is the quiet achiever on the X360. I was really worried about Dead Rising 2 not getting past ‘The Board’ after the E3 game play videos. Any more news on when Case Zero hits Live?

    Also pretty sure there was more than one source of shotguns in the first game… 😛 I always had a steady supply of buckshot. But in reality I kept giving them to other survivors. Dramatically increased their chances of survival.

    • I’m also pretty sure there was more than one source of shotguns. There would have been some scattered around the place in the stupid spots but nothing comes to mind besides the gun shop. I think some might spawn upstairs in the mall entry area after you kill the hunters (oops, I completely forgot in my other comment that you fight actual humans in Dead Rising).

      This is really going to bug me because I’m sure I always armed the survivors but I rarely went to that area of the mall.

  • This is fantastic news, Dead Rising is one of my all time favorite games, the footage I saw from E3 2010 was insane. THANKYOU OFLC!

    Edit: Can’t wait to chop a zombie in half!

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