Dead Rising 2 Limited Edition Includes Zombie With Interchangeable Heads

Dead Rising 2 Limited Edition Includes Zombie With Interchangeable Heads

That European limited edition of Dead Rising 2 we revealed last week will also be available in Australia, according to Capcom. but where can you get it and how much will it cost?

The Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Edition can be found shambling around EB Games, GAME and JB Hi-Fi and will chainsaw-rake $169.95 RRP from your wallet.

It contains:

* Detailed 12-inch zombie figurine complete with interchangeable heads

* Dead Rising 2 game

* A making of the game DVD

* A “Sports Fan Theme Pack” including exclusive skills and a unique costume, pictured below

* Tape It Or Die catalogue detailing how to make your own zombie-destroying weapons

Dead Rising 2 Limited Edition Includes Zombie With Interchangeable HeadsPlus, there’s a couple of console-specific extras:

* PS3 owners get a unique PS3 Dynamic Theme

* Xbox 360 owners get the Dead Rising Sun full-length movie directed by Keiji Inafune

Be warned, Capcom has advised that only 700 of each format will be available in Australia. So I would imagine that means you’ll need to preorder to get hold of one.

Speaking of preorders, GAME is advertising a separate preorder bonus which includes a totally different zombie figurine. This one stands a mere 9.5cm tall and is wearing a tasteful Hawaiian shirt.

EB has its own preorder bonus – a ninja costume! It’s available for both PS3 and Xbox 360, but not PC. JB has yet to reveal any preorder details.

Standard question, then: who’s getting what and from where?


  • for the next few months, l’ll be getting this game, and every new game from fantasy land.

    It’s a great new store, just for people who have to spend $400 on uni books.

      • Saw this, thought “Oh wow! Sounds like an awesome place for m— Wait a minute…” LOL!

        Yup, uni sure is fun isnt it guys? *weeps gently as his games fall off the shelf*

    • that it is – but it’s also quite small
      Also don’t forget that the design isn’t final and could possibly look like crud… although i hope not lol

  • haha i realised shortly after i sent you emails about this that it WASN’T EB exclusive and started cursing heavily…

    Kind of a bummer that no one store is offering it cheaper than another..

    I REALLY want to get my hands on the outbreak edition, but it’s just so expensive… My best bet would be trade baiting my way to it, so basically buying cheap games then trading them towards the outbreak edition… although with the sales coming close to an end, this may be easier said than done.

    Basically i’ve worked out that with my $20 p.w gaming allowance (ouch baby, why you gotta do me this way) it’ll take me 8 weeks to save for this – plus my beloved partner already thinks i’m an idiot if i get this because it’s “a waste of money”


      • hahaha yeh that would be a good idea… only problem is the fear that the next pair i grow will be cut off like the last 😛

    • Sir, my heart bleeds for you.

      My GF on the other hand will have a great time making room for this on our already figure packed shelves.

      • oh don’t worry – i’ve already got figure packed shelves… but i’m running out of shelf space haha

        in all fairness she is fairly accommodating – i just imagine that the last thing she wants our beautiful home to look like is my old bedroom 😛

        Plus she has her heart set on going to Bali at the end of the year, hence the monetary restriction on video games as the rest goes straight to savings.

  • Where is news on a PC Deluxe Edition? I want the Xbox bundle, but I want the game disc to be PC version. Let me give you money, Capcom!

    • Yea, I second that. Capcom has done some good stuff supporting PC with RES5 and SFIV both very good PC versions. I want dead rising 2 on PC, but would like a collectors edition. Hopefully they will at least provide us with something other the the vanilla version.

  • Seeing as no one else is answering the question!

    GAME all the way! Whilst a Ninja outfit is always cool… not 1, but a second Zombie figures, count me in!

    They look forward to taking me $169 dollars! at least the rewards card makes it worth my while!

  • Yup outbreak from EB for me 🙂

    The ninja costume actually has different moves when you put it on, so its not just a pointless skin 🙂

      • Zombie Figurine VS Ingame Ninja costume? It’s a no contest! Zombie Figurine wins in Flawless victory! Considering that the skin will probably unlock during gameplay or after a first palythrough.

        Even if it’s DLC, a few more bucks to get the skin is worth it when you already have a Zombie figurine!

  • I already pre-ordered the standard edition at GAME, it comes with a 4-inch figurine and I think that will do it for me. The game is cool and all, but I’m not so keen as to spend $170 on it.

  • Hang on, the 360 owners get a movie and we, the PS3 owners, get a dynamic theme? That doesn’t seem too fair.

      • No, the movie is exclusive to the 360. But don’t worry; we PS3 users get a dynamic theme! And it could be the best dynamic theme ever. But, unless it happens to play the full movie while I’m in the menu, I’ll be disappointed.

      • Yea that suxs… But I’m gonna go for the standard edition, the “extras” on this thing is not worth the extra $100.

        I’m not into figurine. The movie and the making of will be up on the internet within the first week or so.

        What I want to know is, whether that dynamic theme is included in the standard edition or just collector’s edition?

  • Pre-ordering collectors edition from JB-HI. JB Never try to price gouge me like EB, and their staff (the games specialists at least) actually know about video games. Game is slightly better, but JB is the best

  • The ninja costume is tempting but I trust EB about as far as I can throw them. The special offers are always ‘sold out’.

    I just want the movie mainly.

  • so does that mean each store gets 233 each for each console….across the country? wow that doesnt seem much at all, but i guess it remains fair game because of the price.

  • I can’t decide whether to pre order it from EB games or Game. I get most things from Game but that Ninja costume sounds awesome.

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