Defence: King Of Fighters Voice Actress's Stalker Wasn't Stalking!

In summer 2009, an unemployed 27-year-old man was arrested for apparently stalking and defaming voice actress Haruna Ikezawa.

As previously posted, the defendant, Jun Sasaki, wrote defamatory comments on the voice actress's homepage and repeatedly send messages asking for a personal meeting, telling the voice actress to "come by herself" to Morioka City, where he lives. revealed that she had a restraining order against a stalker who she said followed her through the streets at night.

According to the prosecution, Sasaki knew that his comments, seen by an unknown number of website visitors, were in fact defamatory. Officially, he is charged with defamation as well as violating Japan's anti-stalking law. The prosecution is seeking an 18-month prison sentence.

The twist? The defence are arguing that Sasaki is innocent, asserting that Ikezawa's testimony not credible. What's more, the defence is stating that because there was a romantic relationship between the two, Sasaki was not stalking her.

Not sure how that last bit holds up in court. And good luck attempting to overcome Japan's 99 percent conviction rate!

Haruna Ikezawa is known for voicing Athena in The King of Fighters and Momoka Nishizawa in Sgt. Frog. Jun Sasaki is known for apparently stalking Haruna Ikezawa.

声優へのストーカー、被告に懲役1年6月求刑  : 社会 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞) [Yomiuri via ANN][Pic]


    Wait, is not the belief that the stalker and the victem are 'in a relationship' the defination of stalking?

    Thus making his defence; "I am not stalking her because I am stalking her".

    Good luck with that!

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