Did You Think Fable II Had A Bunch Of Bugs?

Then you have no idea how many didn't make it into finished product.

According to Fable II designer Peter Molyneux, there were 67,000 bugs in Fable II that the development team needed to squash. That's... a lot.

"At one point we had 67,000 bugs," he said, "and when the Xbox test team tested the game they rated us super-black. That never had happened to a game before, Microsoft had in the past rated some games as 'Red', but never 'Black'."

According to Molyneux, "It was thought that coming back from black was impossible." But Fable II did just that.

Molyneux is currently working on the third iteration in the series.

Molyneux: Fable 2 project hit 67,000 bugs [Develop][Pic]


    ive got a bug for you,

    my game doesn't load, if freezes when i try to load my save, every time, no matter what i do.

    this wouldn't be a problem if i hadn't just completed the whole game and its expansion packs the week before this happened.

    still super black to me because a glitch that stops the game even loading a save file is terrible.

    This game is true black. I think there where more then 67,000 bugs in. I think this game has way more then it should for doing what they claim they did.

    I have... no real problems to report? I played the bejeezus out of Fable II and while it wasn't completely spotless I certainly didn't encounter any show-stopper bugs that made me just put my controller down in disgust.

    There's lots of games that are completely devoid of bugs as well as fun, so if it's such a hassle to you to see a clipping error maybe you should play one of them...

    I bought Fable II the other day actually - but gameplay/story oddities aside I haven't found any serious, or even minor bugs yet. Certainly nothing game-breaking.

    Makes me wonder if it's just luck or if patches have had time to take effect...

    Anyone get the bug where the AI would just stand still after you been beating on it for a a little bit? Also, here's a bug still in the game - Crappy wardrobe options! And here's another - Not as fun as the first... or at all really.

    I think Peter Molyneux was the biggest pest of Fable 2 :P

    Ruined the series! and i dont see Fable 3 improving it... RIP!

    I didn't seen all that many glitches while I was playing, certainly nothing game destroying like a corrupt save. However I do wonder what might have been taken out of the design in order to quash these bugs.

    I didn't notice a bug, but I DID notice the lack of splitscreenin local co-op leaving the camera in the games hands, and what's that? oh yes IT EVEN HAPPEN OVER LIVE WHERE YOU DONT NEED TO SPLIT THE SCREEN.

    I hate it when games take camera control away from me

    The only bug I experienced was the 'disappearance of Lady Grey' bug. I was mad.

    I still mad.

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