Donate Money, Decide The Fate Of Gears’ Latest Rookie

Science Fiction series love killing off the hopeless new guy: Star Trek has its red shirts and Gears of War has its rookies.

But with a little cash and a big heart you might be able to save Gears of War 3's rookie from certain, gruesome death.

Starting July 29, players can purchase avatar gear on Xbox Live marketplace to determine the fate of rookie Clayton Carmine. All proceeds go to the Child's Play Charity. If you want Carmine to die just purchase a "Carmine Must Die" shirt for your avatar. If you want him to live buy the "Save Carmine" shirt.

If you're at Comic-Con this week you can also place your charitable vote by purchasing real versions of the shirt at the NECA booth for $US20 a pop.



    I really like this idea, but if those avatar shirts cost a bunch then no way!

    Oh wow. I'm not sure if I like this idea or not. I don't want to decided for them.

    But if I had to choose, I'd want him to survive.
    I was so pissed when the second one died...

    the fact that the new carmine looks more tank then cole, is just wrong.

    Awesome idea, i'll be voting for his death :D

    Glad it's for charity, I'll be up on that. (I'll vote to save)

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