Double-Decker TVs Perfect For His And Her Gaming

Chris's TV is above. 46 inch LCD and his tower is on the right hand side. Bottom TV is mine, 46 inch LED and the tower on the left would obviously be mine. DVR box, Xbox, PS3, Wii hooked up with Sega, Dreamcast, NES in the drawers when desired. As seen on Flickr via ButtonMashing. [Thanks Tony]


    That looks pretty cool, but I don't know. I think I'd find it too distracting to really play a game while someone was playing on a tv directly above my field of vision.

    I like the PC's up top...

    Chris got the short straw though. At least Unless his couch/seat is suspended above hers...
    Putting the TV too high on the wall is a classic home theater mistake. You shouldn't have to angle your head to watch your TV.

    =*O, its soooo beautiful....

    Welll.. if you've gone that far you might also buy 2 of each console for 8 player system link when the mates come over.

    lol is the top tv on

    Very similar to what i want to do, cept mine isn't wouldn't be his and her's. I love using duel monitors.

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